On The Cusp: Connections Between Special Needs Dogs And Special Needs Kids


This is one of my favorite photos of Suzy for so many reasons. Looking at her, you have no idea that when she was alive, she was a fear biter and, she was dog aggressive.  She lived on the cusp of what was acceptable/ safe behavior that,  if unchecked, would get her into serious trouble. I knew the triggers that acted like invisible switches that would move her into the red zone.  Figuring this out took some time, but once I realized that her behavior was predictable, I could defuse what … [Read more...]

When Words Get in The Way.


There was an industrial grey, steel book case against one wall of her office, directly across from her desk. And, there were lots of books jumbled together on the shelves, including several of the Carl books, written by Alexandra Day. I bought two of the Carl books for my son when he was still a baby. I'll bet that a lot of other moms did too. The books are all about the pictures illustrations and nothing about the words. Which is part of the appeal to moms who want to introduce a … [Read more...]