Heart Dogs Come Into Our Lives For A Season

"Whippet Sleeping on bed pillows"

This is Felix - nested into the pillows on my bed, hard at work. He was one of my "heart dogs," for many reasons. He had strong convictions about squirrels, hated it when he was left behind; proved he had the tenacity to survive on his own in forever wild lands. He has a chapter all to himself in my first book, Love Always Wags Its Tail which describes some of his personalty quirks. He was one of those whippets that had more terrier temperament than hound temperament.  If you've lived with … [Read more...]

Senior Pets Might Have a Message For You

"Whippet Love"

Most of you know that Jasper is the senior (elder) dog on this blog and in my home.  Here he is posing at the top of the stairs just a few months ago, when he was still allowed upstairs. He'll be ten in December and aside from a slowly deteriorating back end - his two hind legs are not as strong as they used to be; although he can still move on his own, he relies more on his front legs to take him where he wants to go. We've convinced him that he's better off sleeping downstairs. Not such … [Read more...]

Sampson: More Than a Dog Show

"Sampson Dog Show Romulus New York"

Busy weekend with Saturday's road trip to Sampson State Park where, during the last weekend in September, everything literally goes to the dogs.  I don't know the history of this 4-day dog show, but, my experience as a spectator began almost 20 years ago. There were years when I attended all four days, arriving early in the morning and staying until well after 5PM. It was manna from heaven - an endless conversation about dogs. And, it was but one stop on the dog show circuit that stretches … [Read more...]

Welcome to Healing Rescue Dogs.

If you're a brand new visitor to my blog, I'm happy you're here.  Healing Rescue Dogs is dedicated to dog lovers everywhere and features story-driven content about the lessons our dogs teach us ... if we open our hearts and listen. I write all of my own content and focus on companion and therapy dogs as they influence (and inspire) me. Here's how it all started back in June of 2011. I live with my husband and our son less than a 20 minute drive from the beautiful Finger Lakes region … [Read more...]

Love Is A Whippet


Since, Josephine, my 14-15 year old whippet, rarely gets any photo time, I thought I'd change that. As camera shy as she is, I still managed to take a few pix of her that made me happy. In her early years, she was a "show whippet," and her claim to fame was being the dog that one of my best friend's daughter took into the ring when she was qualifying for her Junior Handler's license. She has, what's known in whippets as "hound temperament," which means that she's very laid back ... imagine … [Read more...]