This year we made a grape vine Christmas wreath

"grapevine Christmas wreath hanging on front door"

 With just five days before Christmas, we finished making the wreath for the front door. Rather than pull out the wreaths we'd used in past years, we went with a more meaningful, closer to home theme. Earlier this month, on a day that felt more like Indian summer, my son and I cut long grape vine branches from the two grape vines in our backyard - vines that my grandfather planted more than 50 years ago, I'm sure. We stored them on the second floor of the garage until this morning when my … [Read more...]

Afternoon Delight …


I parked my car alongside the road, got out and flipped the rear hatch open so that Tessa could smell the air from her crate and feel like she was a part of things. Then I took this photograph. And a few more. Coming here, to White Haven cemetery, is visual therapy for me; a "pastoral time out" when I want to pull beautiful silence around me, walk Tessa, and just be in the moment. "If I am content with a little, enough is as good as a feast." - W. Shakespeare … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Weekend Begins.


Memorial Day weekend:  hot days, cool nights sitting outside on front porches shadowed in twilight. Cemetery visits. Conveniently, White Haven cemetery is across from the Powers Market where red, white and blue carnations are for sale along with three different sizes of the American flag-on-a-balsam stick,  suitable for grave sites. I choose the large size flag and find a plastic bouquet  of flowers. Not the patriotic carnations. As a silent nod to  my grandmother, I pick the bunch that … [Read more...]