California Dreamer Starts All Natural Dog Treat Bakery

"The Dogs Bark Bakery"

Women and dogs has always been a winning combination. It's especially gratifying when that reciprocal emotional bond can morph into something financially rewarding. How exciting to get paid for doing something that you love! Create a business plan that lets you combine your love of dogs with something that you're really good at doing? It's not that far fetched of an idea.  Like everything else, it takes coming up with the idea, putting a plan together, rolling up your sleeves and getting to … [Read more...]

Two Dogs Talking

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Two dogs talking - the lighter side of butt-ugly:  He said:     What is worry? She said:     I think it's something that humans do. He said:       I don't think it's much fun for them. She said:     I think you're right. He said:      Can they stop doing it? She said:     Stop what?  Worrying? He said:      Yes. She said:    I suppose they could if they wanted to. He said:      Grown-ups seem to worry more than children. She said:     I've noticed that too.  Why do … [Read more...]

What Little Girls Are Made Of

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Little girls are made from strong women who took to the hills or who never left the lush valleys between the hills and rolling farmland of the Finger Lakes. Where there is sacred ground that cradles fairyland and nourishes friendships. Where it's rural-quiet which is different from suburban quiet or city quiet which never is. Where the slap of a wooden screen door echoes back into time when it banged against the frame of a hunting lodge now evolved into a home that is ever in a place of … [Read more...]

Lake Dogs – The Fisherwoman

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There are always fish just below the surface of the water waiting for Lulu the Fisherwoman dog.  Lulu is tireless and ready to fish at any given moment during the day. Fishing to Lulu is her dog - zen;  that present moment where everything else fades away.  There is the lake, the fish beneath and Lulu both in and above the lake, patiently searching for that elusive catch. Lulu has all the time in the world. "Animals, in their blessed state of total presence, require our presence as … [Read more...]

She’s a Wanna-be Great Dane Masquerading as a Cava Chon

Mia's visit 037

This is Mia.  She's been a house guest with my family for five days.  Today is Day Six.   When she came, she had a LOT of work to do.  She had to figure out what all of the great doggy smells in her new back yard meant. And, then she  had to meet THREE new dogs! And after THAT, she had to say good-bye to her human family because she was going to be staying with MY family for NINE whole days. Mia was okay with that.  In fact, she was so EXCITED to meet some new canine buds that she … [Read more...]